Marlene Estorino is the founder of TQM Entertainment, a boutique artist services and publishing administration company in Central Florida. In her role, she supports all aspects of the artist’s development, marketing, production, distribution, licensing, and royalty collection. Prior to TQM, Marlene ran a small video production company, Studio E, specializing in wedding video and documentaries, where she appreciated the power of music in media. In 2016 she founded TQM Entertainment to nourish the songwriting, production and performance skills of her son, Marco Estorino.

At the heart of TQM Entertainment is it’s featured artist Sonic Halls (Marco Estorino). An Alternative Pop Rock artist set to break boundaries by welcoming diverse influences such as Pop Punk, Electro Pop, EDM, Hyperpop, and R&B into his music. His music is emotional, filled with tension and desire, and at times contrasted by upbeat tracks. His catalog is constantly growing.

TQM Entertainment focuses on celebrating and addressing the needs of emerging artists, including ensuring that artists have their business affairs in order.

Marlene Estorino
TQM Entertainment