Matt Pakulski

FPE Records is an eclectic label whose mission is to increase the amount of beauty in the world. Since 2012, FPE has released records For Practically Everyone. As diverse as possible stylistically, FPE’s artists are all brimming with energy and emotion, and share with each other an unconventional approach to genre. FPE has released acclaimed projects for artists that include Nicole Mitchell, Debo Band, avery r. young, and Turning Jewels Into Water.

Founded by Matt Pakulski, the only person with a degree from Harvard in Music for Theater and Film, NOYZTR is a sync agency specializing in music that Goes There. Evolved from eclectic record label FPE Records, there’s lots of funk, jazz, psych, electronic, experimental, noise, alternative pop, ambient, and straight up unclassifiable weirdness. We’d love to find some unique sounds for your project, whether you’ve got a brand in need of something uplifting and unusual, a video game that wants a psychedelic touch, or a horror or sci-fi film looking for something eerily different – come to NOYZTR when you need to Go There!

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