Mary Catherine Harris is a partner at Harris & Wolff. The company has become known for high-end, curated content and as a go-to source of quality recordings for music supervisors, editors, producers and directors for use in television series, documentaries and feature films. H&W works with songwriters, artists, labels and creators, seeking opportunities for placements, as well as creating customized tracks and scores for broadcast media and advertising clients.  H&W is pitching indie Canadian bands such as High Dials (as heard on House of Cards), Boogat (featured on Homeland).  H&W’s many clients include Disney, Fox, Viacom, Vice, Moment Factory. 

Mary and her partner have won numerous publishing and recording awards: Denis Wolff has 50 albums to his credit for artistic direction and production with platinum and gold awards in Canada – recently Denis was named Publisher of the year at Socan and represents composers such as award winning Ben Charest (Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell; Grammy nominated Triplettes de Belleville).    Both have served on boards of several associations, including the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame.
Mary is also owner of Genison Music, involved in publishing and career development of independent artists and writers and pitching music by artists and composers:
François Jolin, Eon Sounds – composer, major trailers in US and Europe (Final Fantasy), VR (Alice);
Marc Dupré, songwriter and producer (with partner publisher L-Abe) – multiple credits on albums; 40 Top 10 hits, 22 # 1 hits in Quebec + a recent co-write with Céline Dion for her new French language single; 

Fredy V, prolific writer of funk and R&B, writer, artist – placements on numerous television shows, films and trailers;
Jason Valentino Brown, writer and singer – co-writes and features on new releases for TRAXX and Banx and Ranx (Parlophone UK).
Mary’s passion for music extends to her longstanding role as an educator including teaching music business and marketing courses at Trebas Institute, as well as organizing events, moderating panels and appearing as guest speaker at Music conferences and film festivals including Mundial, MIGS and Montreal International Film Festival.  She organizes songwriting camps such as SongWorks  (Songwriting association of Canada). She co-founded and was board member of Folquebec for a decade, promoting world music artists in North America and Europe at conferences including prestigious Womex showcases and was co-founder and former partner at Third Side Music.