Hello, I’m Melody Joy Jackson. In this context I am featuring a wonderful Song Writer/Producer I’ve had the pleasure to work with for many years, Frank Silva. Below is a description of some of the things we’ve been up to lately. Enjoy!

Riders N Sangers Music is a catalog of songs created as capstone productions at an Oregon community college, through the school’s accredited recording engineering program.  

Capstone producer/writer and studio vocalist Frank Silva, and program graduate, co-producer and musician Melody Joy Jackson have assembled a collection of original neo traditional western pop songs, and kids’ songs (edutainment) for publication and placement.  

The songs have been registered with the copyright office as unpublished. There are no public links to the catalog prior to publication, but links are available to interested agents, publishers and feature artists through bridge.audio and youtube.  

The team is also interested in historic music preservation, and has produced a collection of remakes of old traditionals in the public domain.  The PD collection focuses on songs that no recording exists of the original author performing the song. The remakes are ideal for licensing for documentary or music education purposes.  

The team hopes to engage with a sync license agent and co-publisher, and secure their first placement from the catalog early in 2024.

Since earning her audio engineering degree, Melody Joy Jackson works as a drummer in a popular Oregon country band, and other work for hire bookings, and is active as an engineer and producer in the Oregon music community.

Frank Silva holds a J.D., and is researching curriculum development, and ways to integrate intellectual property administration and sync licensing as components of audio engineering vocational education.  Frank is also exploring estate planning strategies for IP owners and their descendants. 

Melody and Frank’s talents are available for hire as a team, or independently.  

To inquire, please contact:
Melody at:  melodyjoyjackson@gmail.com or call (541)264-0610
Frank at:  stateoftheartisan@yahoo.com or call (206)259-1139