Marthe-Helene Heraud is the Co-Founder of Woof Music USA. She is the interface between European Publishers and North American Music Supervisors.

She is the US Director of Sync for the catalog of the labels distributed and represented by WooF Music, and the master publishing catalog of WTPL Music and WooF Music Publishing Partners International. Her roster of talent includes: Talisco, Toxic Avenger, K Maro, Fleche Love, Jade, Alain Leprest, and various other artists. 

She began as a professional cello player at Conservatoire of Aix-En-Provence, France. She has scored and written for artists like Murat Ozturk, Delinquante, Giorgis Christodoulou and film composer James Guttridge. Her musical talent empowers her with a unique listening skill for the perfect match in music synchronization.