In today’s music industry, the quality and accuracy of your metadata has a direct and significant impact on how people find and pay for your music.

Good metadata, good tagging and proper customisation of your metadata is crucial to your success in sync, in finding and keeping in touch with new fans, securing potential collaborations and endorsements and maximizing the amount of money you can make from your music.

Think about it, the way people find music is based on metadata.  Every Google search, every search for music on Spotify or Apple Music, every search a music supervisor makes looking for music, they’re all powered by metadata. Without the right metadata you and your music won’t get found and you’ll miss out on potential opportunities and payments by streaming services, music supervisors, editors and fans.

So what does having high quality, accurate metadata mean?  

It’s a lot more than just putting in your basic information in your Mp3s in iTunes – that’s just the beginning.

You need to make the right choices in listing and tagging to get found by the right people, and you need to know how to tweak and customise your metadata so that it is tailored to the needs of streaming services, search engines and social media.

Giving you the tools, the information and the insights you need to make your metadata as relevant and accurate as possible, and do it efficiently and correctly is the mission out our new Metadata for Music Workshop.

The Metadata for Music Workshop is an Intensive, Interactive four-week immersion on how to ensure all your metadata is perfect and positions you for success in today increasingly digital industry. The Workshop begins on June 4th. The Workshop is taught by music producer and sync veteran Michele Vice Maslin (who has had more than 5000 songs synced in her career and has written hits for artists worldwide) and Mark Frieser, the CEO of Sync Summit, a metadata expert and sync licensing agent.

The workshop consists of:

  •  Four Intensive weekly two-hour classes via zoom.
  •  Four Office hours for one-on-one and in-class consultation. 
  •  Assignments and instruction on:
    • The basics of building good metadata, 
    • How to organise your song catalogues through using the right metadata,
    • How to customise your metadata for presentation to A&R,
    • How to customise your metadata for brands and endorsements,
    • How to keep good accounting through metadata of where your music has been pitched, used and by whom.
    • How to properly tag and target your metadata so that it is found by search engines, 
    • Customising for all steaming services and social media so that your music is found and you’ll receive maximum revenue
    • What tools to use and how and when to use them
    • And much more tips, tools and feedback on your metadata’s quality and accuracy
  • Documentation that includes a detailed worksheet on how to tweak your metadata for every search engine, social network and streaming service, and for sync platforms like Disco.
  • Spreadsheets to keep track of your tagging, your pitching, your metadata for each streaming service, social network, A&R reps and all others you interact with in your music business. 
  •  A glossary of commonly used metadata tags for sync and when and how to apply them
  •  A video archive of all office hours and classes
  •  Feedback in email and online.

The Metadata for Music Workshop begins June 4th. If you’d like to join the Metadata for Music Workshop, you can do so at the all-inclusive price of $699. This includes all sessions, classes, chats, documentation and all assignments. To enrol, simply fill in the form below to sign up.