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Moozar is a funding model for the artistic creation on social media networks.

When artists register on the service, and share their Reward Link, “Reward” ($) buttons (or “Reward link”) appear everywhere their work is broadcasted and shared on the Internet.

Reward link definition : A way to be financially rewarded by those who enjoy your song directly, simply & freely when and where your songs are played on social networks.

These buttons follow the work when it is shared and allow those who enjoy such artist’s work to financially reward the artist, directly, simply and freely, when and where they enjoy it…just because they enjoy it ;) –  Share & Reward to Support


– Provides a ‘reward link’ for each of your songs,

– Broadcasts your ‘reward links’ where your music is played on the web (YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook …).

– Collects your rewards and pays it to your account.

It’s a simple link that is attached to videos and tracks. It follows the content wherever it is enjoyed and shared.

It’s not about sales or downloads; it¹s just a “reward button” to support what’s enjoyed with just a click.

Registration is free and the service is worldwide. Nothing to upload.

Talents deserves more than a Like


Share & Reward to Support