“European-Egyptian musician, who has always been torn between cultures, continents, scientific curiosity and artistic drive. Loves to add moments to songs, that tickle your body.”

For Naheli, every human being is the same. Yet every human being is influenced by their thoughts, upbringing, cultural background and surroundings. Naheli is the attempt to search for those connections and differences, and you can hear that in the music as well.

Her debut double album “Chemistry & Reevaluation” explores essential and existential emotions of human nature with one side focussing on feelings while the other one is dealing with the reflective notion of the artist’s inner thoughts. Naheli’s warm voice and cinematic songs invite the listener to detach themselves from reality, drift into a meditative state while moving them on a deeply emotional level.

SONGS: https://s.disco.ac/bdjymnclqfne

INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/nahelimusic

LINKS: https://lnkfi.re/naheli-linkedin

WEBSITE: http://nahelimusic.com




EMAIL: lina@nahelimusic.com