Nazneen Rahman is a London based singer-songwriter and scientist. She writes songs about your life, about everyone’s life.

From the mundane to the magical. Her lyrically driven songs capture you with rich storytelling and velvet vocals that listeners describe as emotional, honest, tender, intimate. Her songs are like conversations with old friends.

Nazneen has committed her working life to cancer research. Music has been an equal passion which she started sharing with debut album ‘Can’t Clip My Wings’ in 2014 followed by ‘Answers No Questions’ in 2017 and ‘I’m Too Old to Die Young’ in 2019. Together these make ‘The BitterSweet Trilogy’ and chart life’s journey through changes, choices, and chances. Three of the songs made the finals of the UK Songwriting Competition. And ‘I’m Too Old to Die Young’ was a bestselling album on Bandcamp.

In 2020, Nazneen created has her most ambitious work. ‘Together Apart’ is a real-time exploration of how the pandemic altered who we are, what we want, what we need, and what we hope for.

It includes a 9 track album of 5 storysongs (narrated stories set to music) and 4 songs and a book. It was written in, and inspired by, life in lockdown.

It may make you cry. It may make you hopeful. It will make you think. It will make you feel.

Nazneen is also a doctor and scientist, which gives her insights into the human spirit.