Hi! I’m Nat, the manager of the Swedish composer and producer Rasmus Faber (pictured) and the founder of Scandinavian Sounds.

Rasmus has composed music for Japanese anime, computer games, VR and ad campaigns and is a successful recording artist, garnering over billion streams for his various projects and guises. His composition work traverses genres, from arranging 20-piece, live orchestrations to Robot wars, to Bossa Nova for beach scenes, to sugar sweet J-Pop, to nordic noir jazz.

I’m seeking new opportunities for Rasmus as a composer, for our Atmos-ready recording studios in Stockholm and our sister company Scandinavian Sounds. The latter is an agency specialising in composing and recording ancient folk music from Northern Europe (using rare instruments such as bone flutes and key fiddles), commonly (and erroneously) known as Viking music, for games, TV and film.

Have a flick through our links (Disco clips, YouTube channel, IMDB etc), reach out and I’ll be happy to chat about what we are up to.

Enjoy your Sync Summit 2023! : )

Best regards. / Nat