Nessa Dove is a Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter with a diverse East African heritage. She is breaking through the music industry gates with her debut single, “Light It Up”. Her sweet, raw and unconventional sound spews out a delicious Pop/Alternative blend.

Nessa writes, arranges, and co-produces her music, in addition to playing a mean guitar! In her music, you may hear virtuosic guitar riffs, licks, and solos while she pulls you in with sweet melodies and catchy hooks.

Nessa has performed at legendary venues along the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, legendary venues in New York City, Washington D.C and Baltimore. She has been a finalist in notable songwriting competitions and received press and raving reviews for her Debut Single “Light it Up”.

Dove has no limits. She strives to break Musical boundaries bringing all along for the journey. She wants her listeners to break free from the fears and stigmas that divide and separate us and the limits we put on ourselves to stay small. She will “FLY” as the homeless man told her to do, while she busked in a New York City Subway one night, and was forever changed. Music connects, transcends, and inspires. Nessa intends to soar free, tapping into the most creative and pure places within herself. Join the flock, experience the Bliss. Stay tuned for New Singles dropping December 2019!