Priyanka Khimani - Photo

Priyanka Khimani is one of India’s leading entertainment, music and intellectual property rights experts. Best known for her unmatched commercial and legal acumen in the Indian entertainment sector, she represents a glowing roster of Indian and international stakeholders and talent. Her clientele is studded with some of the most celebrated names in film, television and music, including international record labels, publishers, distribution companies, studios, content streaming and social media platforms, Emmy-nominated filmmakers and showrunners, as well as Oscar and Grammy winners, among others.

Her legal expertise, always coupled with a sharp sense of business, is defined by a profound understanding of the modern and fast-evolving entertainment and technology landscape, placing her in a unique position to advise on issues relevant to the industry today. Such issues include navigating the nuances of the copyright and licensing landscape in India, transparency and accountability of local PROs, cross-border transactions, strategic collaborations, content creation and ownership, valuation and protection of all forms of intellectual property.

Her counsel is often sought after on coveted service and product launches, market entry by foreign multinationals, as well as commercially tactical mergers and acquisitions in the entertainment, music and technology sector. What sets her apart is her time and again proven ability to plan and respond to a crisis. Her strategic input in unexpected pressuring
matters of utmost sensitivity is highly recommended by her clients. She has successfully advised high net worth individuals and corporations in extremely delicate situations on issues that have long term reputational as well financial repercussions.

Priyanka is founder and lead partner at Anand & Anand & Khimani. She is one of the core advisors as member of board to the Canadian blockchain music company “Beatdapp” along with music industry titan Joe Galante, Canada’s 22nd Prime Minister Stephen J. Harper and Consul General of Canada and veteran executive- James Villeneuve. She finds alot of her drive in causes outside of the legal industry. She is the founding chairperson for the Indian Chapter of ‘Women In Music’, a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to championing the female voice acrossthe global music industry.

She is also one of the directors of ‘Girl Rising’ in India, which is a global campaign for girls’ education.