Based out of Atlanta, GA, Quentin Henry aka Messieurs Swank, is a talented music producer, songwriter and DJ. He is the owner of Sound Decision Consulting, LLC, a music production and consulting firm, and works with artist all over the globe. Messieurs Swank also collaborates with talented west coast songwriter, producer, and artist, Christopher Sanchez, to form the songwriting/producer collective Tape Pop.

Messieurs Swank specializes in crafting distinct modern music to help drive the unique stories and vision of brands and content creators. His production style encompasses Hip Hop, R&B/Soul, Alternative Pop and Soul House. As a true music lover, he is always expanding his musical pallet. “I like to keep the music cool and fun.”- Messieurs Swank

Messieurs Swank has had his work featured in shows on Showtime, HBO Max, Netflix, Paramount+, BET+, USA Network, and The CW to name a few. He also composes custom music for music production houses, brands and ad agencies.


(800) 668-8094