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Roy is veteran of the music industry with over 26 years experience which includes music publishing, sync licensing, A&R, label management, artist management and music production. He is the CEO and MD of A&GSync Inc and A&G Songs, an independent sync agency and music publisher with offices in LA and London.

As CEO he has overseen the placement of artist music and composition in commercials including SAMSUNG, BUDWEISER, IKEA, LOVEFIiLM, BODY SHOP, HAINES, BT and trailers, films, games and TV including CRIMINAL MINDS, BONES, SONS OF ANARCHY,  FALING SKIES, BODY OF PROOF, GOSSIP GIRL, SKY, BBC, ITV, DISNEY, CBS, NBC UNIVERSAL, RED DEAD REDEMPTION, THE LOSERS, STAKE LAND and many more.

A&G Songs is the publishing arm of A&G as is actively signing new artists and writer producers along with catalogue publishing / administration and pro-active representation.

Prior to joining A&G in 2005, Roy preciously owned Riff Raff Productions and who’s writer producers worked with Appleton, Smoke 2-7, Ronan Keating, SugaBabes, Five, The Faders and many more. Through his career in publishing and production Roy has achieved silver Gold and Platinum status records sales in the UK and the US.

In the late 90’s Roy was label manager at Synthetic Records / IT Records the dance labels for FOOD Records (Jesus Jones, Blur) and worked with the likes of MetalHeads (Goldie) D-Code and Elevator.

A&G continues to develop its international markets which includes plans for a New York operation, development and exploitation of its boutique roster of composers and the development of its production music library.