By Mark Frieser

Last week, I had the singular opportunity to work on the production of Revolt TV‘s Revolt Music Conference – an amazing confab that brought together some of the music industry’s top executives thanks to the efforts of Revolt Chairman Sean Combs and his fantastic team of executives like CEO Keith Clinkscales, EVP of programming Val Boreland, Vice-Chairman Andre Harrell and Co-Founder and President Andy Schoun,

It was truly a who’s who of the music business holding court, with people ranging from legendary producer Timbaland to The Butler Director Lee Daniels to artists like Ne-yo and The Game, culminating with a gala dinner honouring Interscope/Beats co-founder and music industry titan Jimmy Iovine.

It was amazing (Click here to watch Jimmy’s speech at the Gala).

So I’m sure it’s at this point that you’re reading this and you’re saying to yourself, “that’s great and all, but what does this have to do with sync? With Brands? With me?”

I would say everything.  Here’s why.

You may not know this about Jimmy Iovine, but in the 1980’s, other than the work everyone knows about from his time as a producer for acts like Bruce Springsteen and U2