At LA-based Awareness Audio we’ve focused our practice on providing outstanding original music, sound design, dialog editing, and audio mixing for sync, games, and podcasts.

Last year we partnered with Viacom & Nickelodeon to write and produce 52 pop-renditions of popular nursery rhymes for Blue’s Clues which have already garnered over 20 million plays on Paramount+ and YouTube, and countless other plays on the major DSPs.

On the sound design and engineering side we’re working with clients like Spotify and Creative Media Design to score and mix 100s of custom ads for popular brands such as AMC, CBS, Home Depot, HBO, FedEx, Johnson & Johnson, Target, McDonalds, Mitsubishi, and Pacifico to name just a few.

Our client and partner list includes AppleTV, Bravo, Discover, Disney+, FisherPrice, FoxTV, Gimlet, NBC, Netflix, Nick Jr, Paramount, PBS, Sesame St, Spotify, WB and more.

Sound is essential to human inter-connectivity. We’re fascinated by how audio, music, and the human voice are being used in media communications and user experience (UX) technologies. Recently we’ve been experimenting with immersive audio in VR and AR applications for the Google Cardboard platform. Now that so many people have multimedia players in their pockets, we wonder how the future will sound…