Jessica Sobhraj bio:
A 10 year veteran of the music industry, Jessica Sobhraj currently looks after business affairs for music micro-licensing pioneers Rumblefish, where she is responsible for strategic traditional licensing and sub-licensor opportunities. Previously, Ms. Sobhraj served as the Manager of Digital Content Licensing for performing rights organization SESAC. In her role at SESAC, Ms. Sobhraj analyzed SESAC’s proprietary data and licensing trends in order to improve the commercial success of SESAC’s affiliates. As a music licensing executive, Ms. Sobhraj has served as a Music Clearance Executive, Music Supervisor, and Music Consultant for various independent projects. Prior to joining SESAC, Ms. Sobhraj Co-Founded Sir Groovy, an online B2B music curation and sync licensing company that provides services to major media firms (BMG, Discovery Networks, ABC, FX, MSG, Viacom, and more) where she built, maintained, and pre-cleared an impressive network of content creators that spanned 90+ countries. Ms. Sobhraj also serves on the Board of Directors of Women In Music as the Co-Chair of Fundraising.

Michael Ecker bio:
Michael Ecker’s interest in music began 13 years ago when he first picked up a guitar. Furthering his passion for music, Michael studied business and music in college, earning a degree in Music Business from the University of Southern California. Formerly the Traditional Licensing Account Manager for music micro-licensing pioneers Rumblefish, Michael is currently the Business Development Manager, responsible for bringing in new partners looking to easily add high quality, pre-licensed music to their projects. When he’s not playing or licensing music, Michael volunteers for SE Uplift, a sustainable neighborhood development organization, and Catalyst, a company that provides construction resources for people in need, both based in Portland, Oregon where Michael resides with his wife Michelle and dog Griff.

About Rumblefish:
Rumblefish is the world leader in music micro-licensing and online video monetization. Its micro-licensing platform allows social video networks, video applications and marketplaces to offer music functionality on web, tablet and mobile offerings, providing access to the world’s largest copyright-cleared music catalog of more than 5 million copyrights. The company makes music for online social video easy and legal, and has had over 75 million videos use its music tracks, resulting in 1.5 billion YouTube views per month and millions of dollars in royalties for its artists. Rumblefish clients include YouTube, Shutterstock, Google, Tango, Vimeo, SocialCam, Vizify, and WeVideo; and partners include CD Baby and APM. The company has offices in Portland OR, San and Francisco.