Combining old school classic styles of funk,disco and soul with modern elements of hip hop and trap and the talents of some world class rappers, Scott has come up with a sound that is both funky and ferocious. His songs carry a lyrical message of celebrating life,overcoming challenges, pursuing dreams and generally living life to the limit.

Coming from a classic soul and funk background as an artist, it was natural for Scott to transition musically into the more modern styles and production of hip hop and trap music.

As well as the music Scott has written as an artist, he has produced and is a music rights holder of a catalogue of other genres of music he loves under the banner of ScottyRock Music including Rock/Metal/Americana/Folk/ and others, hoping to serve the sync licensing community with these songs as well.

As Scott says “”it would be my pleasure to be able to serve you and the needs of your clients with my music.Let’s do something great together””!


(609) 501-5014