Shakeh Herbekian


Self contained singer/songwriter, touring musician with six independent releases of all original material that she created. Traveled and performed continuously between San Diego, California and Seattle, Washington.

Garnered many college and independent radio station airplays, sold thousands of CDs, booked all engagements, and control all of the writing and publishing rights for that material with BobAra Music Publishing.

2013-2018: Created a catalogue of over 200 songs with collaborator Miguelli (Nora Jones, Adele, David Foster, Al Jarreau) with the intention of placing in Film/TV projects.

2018-Present: Networking for opportunities and most recently becoming part of Rad Vlad Entertainment representing composers including Penka Kouneva (Pandora, Devil’s Whisper, Encounter, Aga)

Currently, Shakeh is actively working with producers and directors of independent films to place songs and score in their projects.

As of January 2021 she has 8 films lined up for placements of songs and scoring jobs that will begin production in the new year.

Her hilarious music video, “Staying Home Alone This Christmas,” released in Dec. 2020 has garnered over 10 thousand views.


Song “New Day” and various instrumental pieces from my catalogue in short film “Sunrise” directed by Jade Jenise Dixon which was a finalist in the Collaborative Filmmakers Challenge Competition 2018

Song “New Day” in closing end credits of episode 3 of “Rise Of Venus” documentary series directed by Meloney Hudson



Phone: 310-876-9981




Fall In Love This Christmas

Love That Can Never Be

Because of You (Whitney Houston Tribute)

Lucky Stars

Staying Home Alone This Christmas