Sidnee Levin

Sindee Levin, ESQ is a veteran entertainment a1orney whose creden7als include business affairs at major film studios, music publishing, mechanical collec7on and extensive private prac7ce with invaluable contacts with music publishers and record labels.

As former owner and past president of American Mechanical Rights Agency, Inc. she handled licensing of copyrights with record companies: issuing licenses, monitoring accoun7ng and payments; issues synchronization licenses to film, television, radio, and advertising agencies specifying the scope of permission granted. She offered expert guidance through all emerging technologies and new media formats: website exploitations, digital downloading, ring tones and ring backs before selling AMRA to Kobalt Music Publishing.

She is a well-respected authority that insures her clients will be represented and fairly compensated for their creativve efforts. “Most lawyers know how to make publishing deals, but they do not know how to really get their clients paid. I do, “she says. As a consultant to Credit Lyonnais, MGM/UA, Polygram and Universal Music Group she has a comprehensive view of corporate entertainment enterprises but exerts undeniable advocacy for the creator. “As tough as I am, I do care about people,” says Levin.