At the age of seven, Skaie(sky) Knox discovered the magical comfort of music through a dusty, hole-filled window screen of an El Dorado truck camper. Dragged to and from every swimming competition in California and Arizona to achieve what her mentally ill father never did, she’d pass the time and anxiety of each day pressing her nose against the screen, singing for hours into the highway wind. 

By the time she was twelve, Skaie started writing original pop, rock and indie songs that captured the ups and downs of her life like a musical diary. The key that unlocked these stories was the grace and courage to express what she was feeling and experiencing to the outside world. From high school to college in San Diego, she secured a developmental deal with Geffen Records, then two independent signings that led to several U.S./Canada tours and four CD releases. 

Today, Skaie is signed to Fervor Records (music library) and continues to write original pop, rock, country and indie songs for film and television and for artists (emerging and established). A sample of her film/tv credits include: Welcome to Chippendales (Hulu); Stumptown (ABC), Supergirl (CW), American Horror Story 1984 (FX), The Americans (FX), A Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce (Bravo), Holiday Baggage (Hallmark Channel). Visit for more information.