Sync Support is a consultation service created by Music Supervisor Chris Mollere and Sync Summit Founder Mark Frieser that’s designed to provide you the tools, access to briefs, projects and personal support for all aspects of your career in sync whether you’re an artist, sync agent, aspiring music supervisor, publisher, producer, brand, composer or anyone else working in the business of music for visual and interactive media.

Through this special offer, you can sign up for Sync Support for six months for the discounted rate of $1000.  That’s a 1/3 discount on the standard rate. 

Here’s what Sync Support includes:

    • A total of 14 of your songs evaluated live on Zoom for sync from a creative and production perspective.  We listen to your songs and give you personal feedback. Five songs when you join, then two songs per month.
    • At least one live brief per month for you to submit music to for a project (sometimes more than one.)
    • Twice-monthly zoom chats where we answer your questions and tackle subjects like correct metadata, industry business practices, the state of the business, how to connect your music to industry leaders and more.
    • Exclusive cover challenges geared to producing covers for particular projects.

    • Exclusive pop-up chats where we listen to your music together, take on issues of the day and check in with you for impromptu QA.
    • A ticket to one of the twice-yearly Virtual Sync Summit – and event featuring networking and interviews with 100+ music licensing executives, showcases, brief submissions and workshops.

    • Evaluation of contracts, agreements and business documents to provide you our feedback and thoughts on a non-legal business analysis basis.
    • An exclusive slack channel where Chris and I answer your questions. and list briefs.
    • Access to a host of documents, presentations and information including template industry contracts, agreements, and how-to guides that would cost far more to access if purchased separately.
    • Monthly one-on-one consultation sessions where we provide advice, listen to your music and answer any questions you may have.
    • Lists of vetted industry resources, including producers, sync agents, lawyers, accountants and other industry resources.

And beyond all of this, you’ll always get personal attention from me and Chris for any questions you have along the way.

If you want to sign up for Sync Support at the special 1/3 off six month membership, the cost is $1000.

To sign up, use the form below. We hope you’ll join us.