10:00 – 10:30: Doors open – registration and coffee

10:30 – 11:00: A Workshop With’s VP of Sales, Katrina Balcius

We’ll begin the morning with a workshop and QA from sync tech company Disco has become the standard for the industry to organize and deliver its music to music supervisors and their projects, made for music supervisors and the industry be music supervisors and technologists. In this workshop, Katrina will guide us through Disco’s current and new features and answer your questions on how to use Disco effectively to curate and deliver your music as well as discuss how music supervisors use Disco.

11:00 – 11:30: Keynote: Justin Gray, Composer, Producer and CEO/Founder of MDIIO/HyprAudio

Justin Gray is a composer and producer (John Legend, Mariah Carey, Joss Stone) and the founder of Songistry Inc, who’s company’s brands include MDIIO, a music workflow solution, the MDXO community-driven songwriting camp, MDIIO|U workshops and webinars and now hyprAUDIO, the new AI-Powered sync licensing search engine destined to disrupt the ways music is curated, found and used for sync. 

11:30 – 12:30: Panel: How Do We Get Music Supervisors To Use New Technologies?

While technology has become more important to every sector of the music industry, including sync and composition, the fact is that many technologies built to assist music supervisors, sync agents, catalogue owners and others in the sync industry face a great deal of resistance from music supervisors in particular to adopt and integrate new services and technologies into their workflow. Simply put, many music supervisors are content to use their traditional methods and trusted sources to curate and clear music, organize their workflow and complete projects.

So the question we’re going to ask the music supervisors and industry experts on this panel is why are music supervisors reluctant to use new tech, and what can tech companies do to make their services more vital to music supervisors so everyone can benefit from the potential of technology to streamline the way music supervisors find and use music?


  • Rob Fischer, Sales Director, Orfium
  • Jason Kramer, Music Supervisor, Host, KCRW Radio
  • Jim Anderson, Founder, Altmark
  • Jessica Powell, Co-Founder and CEO,
  • Katrina Balcius, VP Sales, North America,
  • Ty Roberts, Co-Founder and CEO, Fan Tracks Digital
  • Ted Cohen, CEO, Tag Strategic
  • Marcel Alexander Wiebenga, Co-Founder, Ringo
  • Michael Turner, Music Supervisor, Mike Turner Media
  • Selina Meere, managing Director, Trevanna Tracks
  • Patrick Joest, Managing Director, wkdj
  • Cory Sims, CES Advisors

Moderated by Mark Frieser, CEO, Sync Summit

12:30 – 14:00: Introduce yourself and your music, Part two

This is part two of our introductions. Each person attending, virtually or in person, will have 90 seconds to present themselves to speakers and other attendees: 60 seconds to introduce yourself and 30 seconds to play a sample of your music for the speakers and attendees of the Sync Summit. All attendees, virtual and in-person will participate.

14:00 – 14:30: Keynote: Composer and Music Supervisor Greg Yu

In this conversation we are going to discuss the work of a composer for media in all its forms – what is the process in working with the director? How do you interact with the music supervisor? How do you get hired on projects? And what can you do in your craft and outreach to build your career as a composer? Lean all this and more from a experienced composer: Here’s some of his credits:

  • Greg Yu is mixed French-Chinese-Spanish Award-winning composer and producer. 
  • Co-founder of the film score company Ker Sound Studios (+ 400 credits)
  • 10+ years Composer and music producer for French and China/US Feature FIlms co-production  (“THE PRECIPICE GAME” Fundamental / Europacorp, “THE SIX” Lost pensivos / James Cameron exec prod, “COLLABORATOR”​ Martin Donovan)
  • 15+ years working for AAA Agency and TV commercial campaigns (CHEVROLET, AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN, FORD, BUDWEISER, REDBULL, MAYBELLINE)
  • Music supervisor for TV show world hits such as “THE AMAZING RACE CHINA” and “MASTERCHEF CHINA
  • video games trailer producer and composer (Tencent, DeNA , Gamania Group)
  • Extensive experience in live orchestral music production and hybrid sonic solution
  • Lecturer, Panelist

14:30 – 15:00: Keynote: Why Should We Support Music Supervisors Getting Unionized? A Conversation with Rat Dance Party President, Guild Board Member and Music Supervisor Jennifer Smith

Did you know that most music supervisors are one of the few people on a movie, an Ad or a TV show that aren’t unionized? As a result, they suffer from a lack of guaranteed pay rates, health care, working hours and on-set conditions. Music Supervisor Jennifer Smith has been leading the effort to get Music Supervisors unionized, and in this conversation we’ll discuss why music supervisor unionization will help music supervisors and all the people that work with them, including musicians. Now, here’s her bio:

With over a decade in the film and music industries, Jennifer is set apart by her vast experience, in-depth knowledge, and her ability to curate music that amplifies the storytelling ambitions of its creator. Her passion is elevating the creative vision with the singularity of sound.Smith’s work can be seen in films such as Skate God (Tony Hawk) and Sarah (Virginia Madsen) , as well as the TV shows Glass Moth (Jamie Bernadette) and Humor Me.

A great supervisor is a creative force whose sole focus is to bring a story to life. For example: while working on a recent production, Smith was tasked with finding music for a story that was to take place in the desert. She sought out music that could match the grit and beauty of the desert; music that contained the fleeting sound of wind chimes with a mysterious, haunting melody. These subtle elements helped to create the environment and bring the director’s vision to life.With each new project, Jennifer Smith brings her exceptional knowledge, her industry-spanning experience, and creativity to every project. It is what makes Rat Dance Party a real force in the world of television, film, and music.

15:00 – 15:45: Panel: A Focus on the International Market and Opportunities for Sync, Composition and Collaboration

The international music market is exploding for sync and for composition for media. But how does it work? And how do you connect with opportunities, decision makers and music supervisors in these markets – and how can you navigate the challenges working in international markets? And how can you find people to collaborate with who are working domestically in these markets (think Japan, Korea, India, Latin America) to help you connect with international opportunities? Join our panel of international music supervisors and experts who’ll discuss the challenges, opportunities and the practical ways you can build your international sync and composition career.


  • Seyia Matsumiya, Co-Founder and CEO, Music Supervisor, Black Cat, White Cat Music
  • Jona Higa, COO, Surf Music
  • Luciana Pegorer, Chief Partnerships Officer, YFM
  • Nicole Sanzio, Principal, CEO, InDigi Music
  • Patricia Carrera, Co-Founder and Music Supervisor, Control Freaks
  • Scotty Taylor, Music Supervisor, Kiss The Sun Music
  • Leyla Flores, Music Supervisor, Loud

Moderated by Mark Frieser, Founder and CEO, Sync Summit

15:45 – 16:00: Showcases: Renee Ruth and Fire Tiger

16:00 – 16:45: Panel: – Storytelling and Music: How Music Makes Creates Magic in TV, Film, Sports and Games  

On this panel, we’re going to discuss and highlight how music is central to the storytelling process. The right song in a film or TV show can be magical and transformative. Join music supervisors as they discuss their work and how they connect music to picture, their creative process and where they source music and from whom for their work.


  • Chris Mollere, Music Supervisor and President, Fusion Music Supervision
  • Gary Calamar, President, Music Supervisor, Go! Music
  • Jonny Altepeter, Manager, Music Supervision, Riot Games
  • Don Gallacher, Music Supervisor, Cue The Music
  • Joe Rudge, Music Supervisor
  • Vince Quintero, Head of Sync and Creative, Heavy Hitters Music

Moderated by Mark Frieser, Founder and CEO, Sync Summit

16:45 – 17:30: Panel: – The Music is the Message: How Music Helps Sell and Promote Products and Content

 When music is meshed with a brand’s ad campaign, when it’s artfully used in a trailer or a sports or TV promo, it makes advertising more relevant and more effective and builds loyalty. Here, we’ll focus on how music is sourced and used in ads, with brands, in film trailers and in promos to build audience, sales and excitement from fans with examples from music supervisors of their work and what they do to maximize the effectiveness of music in ad campaigns, trailers and promos.


  • Joshua Rabinowitz, President and Music Supervisor, Brooklyn Music Experience
  • Seyia Matsumiya, Co-Founder and CEO, Music Supervisor, Black Cat, White Cat Music
  • Peter Gannon, Owner and Creative Director, Halo Music and Sound
  • Ben Dorenfeld, Director of Music, Anomaly
  • Gary Nuell, Music Supervisor, Nuell Entertainment
  • Bryan Hinkley, Executive Director, Gratitude Sound

Moderated by Mark Frieser, Founder and CEO, Sync Summit

17:30 – 18:15: The Conclusion of the Sync Submission Challenge

We end the conference as we began it, with our panel of music supervisors and the brief we provided to all of you on the first day. In part two of our panel, we’ll present the results of our evaluation of the music you presented for the brief, and we’ll play the songs, why we chose our two three, and then present the winner with a prize for their work.

The Brief Jury:

  • David Ari Leon, Music Supervisor, Composer, Music Producer, Sound Mind Music
  • Gary Earl, Composer, Producer, Gary Earl Productions
  • Dawn Wisner-Johnson, Creative Director, Take 2 Productions
  • Don Gallacher, Music Supervisor, Cue The Music
  • Michelè Vice-Maslin, Emmy-Winning Producer, Composer and Artist, Sweeter Songs
  • Mark Frieser, Sync Agent, Music Supervisor, CEO, Sync Summit