Instead of me telling you all the reasons why you should sign up for our all-online Sync Summer School that Music Supervisor Chris Mollere and I are holding starting July 9th, 2023, I’d like to share with you what our past students have to say about the course – these are verbatim comments from our 2020 online reunion chat – click this link to view the full video archive.

  • A student from the second class talking to one of our first class’ students: “BTW you were EXACTLY right about this class. AMAZING!!!”
  • From an Australian student: “Amazing enough to wake up at 2.45am for the reunion class to catch you all again :)”
  • A sync agent student: “highly recommend their course. I learned so much especially what I had NO clue about”
  • From a publisher/sync agent: “The class was well worth the time and money.”
  • A composer student: “You guys did such an amazing job at adapting to the virtual format—Godsend for all of us”
  • A songwriting student: “I was more productive in those 3 months than probably the whole year haha. amazing what deadlines and mentoring will do!”
  • A vocalist student: “This class was SO personal and the collabs was the BEST!”
  • A songwriting student: “Learning by doing was so great – having the feedback and direction in real time was worth every sacrifice to be in that class.”
  • From a student that came into the class with over 800 previous syncs:“Loved the class! Structure, information, accountability, community! I still learned a great deal from you and Chris even with my experience. I had much more fun than expected and came out of the class with several syncable songs thanks to the discerning ears of your intrepid team J (you and Chris) and I have some long-term relationships too!”
  • A singer/songwriter student: “I LOvED taking Mark and Chris’s class!! it is FABULOUS!! 😊😊”
  • A Composer student: “Chris and Mark’s Detailed feedback on our submission as far as production value, details and composition flow and content was invaluable”
  • A Sync Agent Student: “Class had more mentoring and apprenticing than other classes!”
  • An aspiring music supervisor: Mark and Chris – you should be proud of how you handled the ‘class’. You really did get to know us and help accordingly.
  • A sync agent: Yes, best class out there
  • A composer student: Not only Mark and Chris, but all the folks who attended are cool people, offer advice and very supportive.
  • An artist student: You guys REALLY gave of yourself!!! Heart. Passion. Time. Care. Information.

When your students come back with feedback like that it not only makes your day, it proves you’re doing something right and helping people who take our course learn what they need to in order to be successful in music for visual and interactive media.And, whether you’re an artist, a sync agent, a songwriter, producer or an aspiring music supervisor, we’d love for you to join us for our immersive, interactive Fall Sync Course so we can work with you and help you to realize your career goals. Click here to sign up for Sync Summer School