Available now! Written by music supervisor Amanda Krieg Thomas with a foreword by music supervisor PJ Bloom, “Thinking In Sync” is the perfect starting point for any artist interested in learning more about the world of synchronization. The product of over a decade of experience working with music supervisors, labels, publishers, third-party pitching companies, artists and beyond, this book aims not only to provide answers for many of the questions music supervisors are most often asked, but also the reasons behind those answers. Readers will walk away with the following:

  • Insight as to how music supervisors review music submissions from potential new contacts, how they select who receives a “music brief” or “music search,” as well as the day to day pressures and responsibilities of their role in the larger film and television creation process and how these affect artists.
  • A detailed overview of every step of the song clearance process from quote request to confirmation letter to music cue sheet, and why each is so important.
  • Essential conversations to have, creative approaches to consider and materials to assemble before, during and after a song is recorded in order to best position your music for sync.
  • Resources and strategies to evaluate the most effective people to send your music to (it’s not always music supervisors) and how to stand out in a good way.
  • Specific approaches to consider when assembling your pitch, from professional etiquette and common industry faux pas to preferred submission methods.

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