[title size=”1″]What is TONE?[/title]

The tone Knows





In its simplest form TONE is “personalized audio barcoding”. It eliminates all marketing “silos”, unifying and rationalizing ALL marketing “touches” – regardless of delivery medium. TONE is the manifestation of the Big Data vision and ALL marketing “channels” are integrated: 
     * Social Media
     * Websites
     * Broadcast (TV, radio, cable, satelliite)
     * Beacons/Micro-Fencing
     * Geo-Fencing
     * WiFi
     * RFID and Smart Tags
     * Loyalty Programs
     * . . . . and more




TONE records NOTHING and, unlike some other popular social media sites, won’t ignore user privacy. TONE utilizes currently available and patent-pending technologies, enabling ONE dialogue with our customers and prospects. 

     ONE Way
     ONE View
     ONE Conversation

TONE is the FUTURE of Interaction!  

More at http://thetoneknows.com