Ulysses Perez has been composing, and recording music for over 25 years.

He starting playing percussion and drums at age 12 and soon after branched

out to bass, keyboards and guitar. He has worked professionally with numerous

bands both on stage and in the recording studio while simultaneously working

on his own music with his solo projects Out Of The Anonymous and This Brave Ulysses.

Kayce Armstrong started playing the piano, singing and writing musical compositions at an early age. Equipped with a wide vocal range and captivating onstage presence, she has performed both domestically and Internationally, fronting numerous bands and performing solo. She has also released several albums and contributed to countless studio sessions, singing and playing jazz, pop and electronic rock.

In 2015, Ulysses began to collaborate with Kayce and in 2016 they released

their first album together under the name Aceskully, which is the duo’s first names as an anagram. Six albums later, they continue to write and record music in a variety of genres ranging from alternative, experimental, art rock, pop and jazz to ambient soundscapes and electronic-orchestral instrumentals. Their musical, lyrical and vocal collaborations combined with a sometimes unconventional but modern recording approach results in Aceskullys’ unmistakable custom signature sound.







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