photoUnsung Lilly formed in a whirlwind of just a few short months in 2012.

Following their first public performance at the prestigious charity event ‘London Rocks’ at Cafe De Paris, the bands meteoric rise continued with a full set at Guilfest (alongside Jools Holland, Heaven 17 and ABC), culminating with a gig to 25,000 people at Belfast Pride.

Comprised of two beautifully contrasting lead singers Sera and Frankie, alongside musical talents of Wayne,  Allan and Russ, Unsung Lilly’s wonderfully eclectic mix of stylistic influences have lead comparisons as ‘a modern day Fleetwood Mac’.

Originally a four-piece commercial covers band for many years, their rapidly increasing following lead them to be chosen to perform as part of the Royal Wedding celebrations in April 2011 to an estimated 300,000 people in Hyde Park.

As a result of the success of that performance, the band made the decision to start producing original material and the inception of Unsung Lilly’s exciting new music direction was complete following the addition of Frankie as joint lead singer.

Alongside their fantastic live set, Unsung Lilly released a series of fun & homemade iPhone videos, which were posted on YouTube and gained tens of thousands of hits from across the globe in just a few short weeks. Following this viral success of these online releases, demand for recorded releases grew from their rapid-expanding base of fans from around the world.

Watch “Just Be”

The debut EP ‘Time Changes Minds’ was released in October 2012 (with a re-mastered version taking over in April 2013), and the band’s first single ‘Happy’ was released in Jan 2013 with worldwide radio airplay. Their follow-up single ‘Just Be’ was released in May 2013 to universal acclaim, achieving over 200,000 views on YouTube in just a few weeks, and the band’s next release is the beautiful and haunting ‘I Remember’, released 1st Dec 2013.

Listen to “Happy”

Watch “I Remember”:

The hotly anticipated debut album is available now in the UK only  (buy it via our lilly shopping page now), with the band’s EP ‘Time Changes Minds’ available to buy on iTunes for USA fans only. The album is expected to be released worldwide via iTunes in 2014, however for Industry links, information and bookings please email Justine Hamilton of Hamilton Productions (

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Vocalists and song-writers from the band, Sera Golding & Frankie Young, also take time out of their Unsung Lilly schedule to write for other artistes and specifically to brief for adverts, TV and film syncs. Writing in all styles, from pop to dance, rock to soul, check out a selection of their material here: