1st generation American Singer Songwriter Vessy Mink absolutely loves to write and produce original songs from her home studio in Chicago. From 1998-2008, Vessy spent 10 years in Los Angeles curating an Indie music career with the help of brilliant managers and an extremely supportive artist network at hand.

Her first music sync was for a love song titled “Raging” from the feature film, In A Class Of His Own (starring Lou Diamond Phillips.)
From there, songs such as “Hollywood Hang Me” (The Lovesick Lunatics) found multiple music syncs including Budlight & a 3 month promo stint for the WB’s hit tv show, The Gilmore Girls.

The Lovesick Lunatics’ rock song, “Black Car” was licensed to the feature film Triple Dog Dare, and is still a cult classic fave from the one and only album The Lovesick Lunatics ever made, with the same title.

A true collaborator & innovator at heart Ms. Mink has enjoyed working with some of today’s greatest music artists from all across the globe, but especially with ARC Arinova Rhythm Collective, the Chicago music collective that she helped found with Chrys Anthem-Wozniak & Roger Ebner & her punk rock duo THM NME, with her better half.

Having recently completed Catch The Moon’s 6 Figure Songwriting program, she is on course armed with passion and non stop musical composition & production leading her further into the sphere of the ever evolving and equitably minded new music business that is becoming what it was always meant to be…understandable reasonable and available for all of the magnificent artists out there paving the way for future generations to be seen heard & acknowledged for their tremendous contributions to society.

You can find Vessy Mink’s music all over the internet on every digital music platform out there. She has many new projects in the works with artists from the UK, Sweden, Portugal, Brazil, California, Michigan and many other places. Stay tuned & stay in touch!



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YouTube Videos:

SPLASH: https://youtu.be/kC7zTP2Rjes

BLACK CAR: https://youtu.be/FCRnMJIevl4

LASSO: https://youtu.be/7IIr7B0tV9c

ARC/You Tried To Hold Me Down