I am a composer whose goal is to create music that supports the moods, characters, and scenes in film, TV, and radio programs.

Works often feature real pedal harp, solo or with other instruments, in a wide range of style. When used skillfully, the primal sound of a real harp can elicit a broad range of emotions, supporting a multitude of scene types while lending a classy, masterful quality to productions. From comedies to murder, the harp has a place!

My music has been heard around the world, with placements on major networks such as Fox, Disney, BBC, Netflix, and in a film parody bought and released by Columbia Pictures.

Having studied harp classically and previously playing in an orchestra, I wrote and produced songs for years before deciding to try my hand at music licensing. I have found this to be a much more productive and gratifying pursuit of music.

I also studied piano for years, so I use my keyboard skills to integrate a variety of sampled instruments in my works.




She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Placement Video



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