January 25 Playlist: Listening Session with Sue Crawshaw, Pickandmix

Guest Information and Music Links:

1.  Tamara Bubble – info@tamarabubble.com

Website: https://forgoodnesssync.com

Music Link: https://s.disco.ac/sngyfmpsrzuy

SONG 1: “Up For It”

SONG 2: “Feel It”

2. Susan Simonson – baileypondmusic@gmail.com

Website: https://baileypondmusic.wixsite.com/website

Music And Link To be Presented During Session 

3. Carla Marrow – Disk Eyes Music – carlamarrow@outlook.com

Website: http://diskeyes.com

Link To Music: https://diskeyes.disco.ac/xqdqvgcuotrp

Music To be chosen during session

4. Mike McHugh – Grooveshine – info@grooveshine.com

Website: https://grooveshine.com 

Music: http://www.grooveshine.com/sue/

5. Brian Potter – Palm 55 Music – BRIAN POTTER brian@palm55music.com

Website: https://palm55music.com 


6. Jason Threm  – VMM Productions – (jason@vmm.productions)

Link to info: http://vmm.productions

Music Link: https://s.disco.ac/nhbnziljmemn

7. Jessy Ribordy – (jessyribordy@mac.com)

Link to info: jessyribordy.com

Link to music: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1xjlhmax77dwcr2/AABgt9E92ds2z7bEU0BWxN-Ia?dl=0

Songs 1: “Wild Fires”

Song 2: “Baptized”

8. Sherry-Lynn Lee-Chip-Hing – (Sherry@23rdhr.com)

Link to info: http://23rdhr.com

Music Link: https://s.disco.ac/ggmwyehobtun

9. Steven Alex – (steve@vital-media.net)

Link to info: http://vital-media.net

Music Link: https://s.disco.ac/bwvrybhjqbdg

Song 1: “Wrapped Up”

Song 2:  “Slayed Pretender”

10. Elise Weiner (elise@elisesongs.com)

Website – https://elisesongs.com

Song link: https://s.disco.ac/utlijaizjfwj

Songs to be chosen during session

11. Christina Carmel – Christinacarmel@hotmail.com

Website: ChristinaCarmelSongwriter.com

Song 1 “You Know Me”: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cviv56y86jsoly9/You%20Know%20Me.mp3?dl=0

Song 2 “Rebound”: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ps9du1zyc2a61y/Rebound.mp3?dl=0

12. Rhyme SO Presented by Mark Frieser – m@disconic.com

Website: disconic.com

Song:  “Fashion Blogger”: https://soundcloud.com/user-966685953/main-original-1201/s-gxoXO?in=user-966685953/sets/rhyme-shin/s-wwUu6