By Mark Frieser
CEO, SyncSummit

Today, in 2012 at 91, we lost Dave Brubeck, one of the music icons of the 20th Century.  I always loved his music – it seemed to be a natural soundtrack to everything cool, interesting and NYC.

Here’s a few of the times his music’s been used in film and TV.

1. Wedding Crashers – Blue Rondo A La Turk


2. Hanna And Her Sisters – I Remember You

It’s such an NYC feel, of course Woody Allen used it. Makes the scene.

3.  The Fifty Year Argument – Take Five

I suppose it’s used to make it look more intellectual or something…

4.  The Sound Of Miles Davis – The Duke

Ok, it is a film about Miles Davis, but he is playing a Brubeck song… that’s sort of a sync, right?

If you have any more good syncs using Brubeck, send to me.