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You can participate in all Sync Summit events no matter where you are, no travel required.

Every single event we hold, whether it’s one of our flagship Sync Summits in NY, LA, Tokyo or Nashville, a completely online listening session where a music supervisor listens to your music or a simple one-on-one chat with an industry leader is designed to provide you with an complete, interactive experience where you and your music can connect to speakers and attendees no matter where you are.  Here’s the specifics.

1.  Our Live Sync Summit Events Go Virtual.  

All Sync Summits are available virtually, and that means that regardless of where you attending a live event, in-person or online, you’ll still get to network, to share your music, see product demos, participate in panels and keynotes and more, including:

  • Real-time discussions where you can ask questions and get answers
  • Set up of pitch sessions and meetings
  • A personal EPK on the sync summit website
  • Musical showcases
  • Workshops
  • Our setting up of meetings on your behalf with speakers and sponsors
  • Sharing of contact information from all participants after the event
  • A video archive of the entire event

We’re employing technology that allows us to hold a virtual event that will provide you with the ability to watch, to interact with fellow participants, and to showcase your talent.

And, if you decide you want to attend the event in-person, you can apply the $199 cost of attending the virtual version of the event as a credit to upgrade to attending in person.

Click here to sign up for the The Virtual Version of any of our Sync Summits.

2.  Sync Listening Sessions

Our Sync Listening Sessions bring you and your music directly with the world’s leading music supervisors, music editors and other decision makers who can license your music and provide you with invaluable expert information on how you can connect your music to their projects and the sync licensing industry.

  1.  We hold a two-hour online listening session with a top music supervisor that’s strictly limited to twenty registrants. We do this to make sure all participants get heard, get to interact and get their music evaluated.
  2. Every participant will submit a song for evaluation to us for listening during the session by the guest music supervisor.
  3. Every participant will get a video archive of the session, and all Listening Session playlists will be posted on the SyncSummit website and promoted to our 40,000 person mailing list.

Click here to access a full list of current online listening sessions