teemu_ylihollo_profile_portrait_bwTeemu Yli-Hollo is the CEO and Co-founder of Audiodraft, the global production platform for custom audio. Audiodraft works with advertising agencies and production companies around the globe and represents 20,000+ composers and sound designers from more than hundred countries.

Audiodraft’s online production platform provides an easy and cost-efficient access to unique and custom made audio for all schedules and budgets.

After working 3 years in advertising Teemu co-founded Audiodraft in 2010 while finalizing his university studies in media technology and content production. This young cosmopolitan media professional is also a rap artist and is combining three of his passions in Audiodraft: music, technology, and advertising. With 100+ co-producers and 1,500+ customers Audiodraft has managed to create a model and a platform that are redefining how audio is produced and used in advertising, film, and TV.

Tell us about yourself and what was your inspiration to create Audiodraft.

Music has always been a great passion of mine. After studying content production and media technology, and seeing the pain of getting the music right for ad campaigns while working in the agency world, building Audiodraft has formed to be pretty much a perfect place for me. The main inspiration behind Audiodraft is to make the production and ordering process easier and simpler. At the same time we want to emphasize the meaning of music and sound design in advertising and film production. Our mission is to provide unique and custom made audio for all schedules and budgets out there.

How does Audiodraft work for composers?

We want to democratize the production music industry for the content creators being the composers. This is why we welcome all talent to join our network. You can start submitting your tracks to the open productions at the Audiodraft website. You will actually get tips and feedback from the professional Audiodraft Content team and Co-Producers helping you get your productions to the next level. Once we get to know you and the tracks you’re creating we are able to match your profile to the briefs we get from our clients. All of this is done by your terms – you name the price and schedule you are available for.

For the project manager/producer/buyer? Give us an example.

We have built really efficient tools to allow our clients to let us know what kind of sound they are looking for. Simply with a reference track and a few descriptive tags we are able to find the right talent for your project. In your brief you can also tell us the amount of tracks you would like to review on your shortlist and when you would need them delivered. We then produce and handpick tracks for your shortlist with 48h delivery time and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How many composers are on Audiodraft?

We have over 20,000 composers and sound designers from more than 100 countries.

How many companies, buyers and producers use Audiodraft and what types?

We have 1,500+ clients worldwide from which 200+ are from ad agencies, production companies, and broadcasters.

What is the deal for buyers to use?

Our promise to our clients is that we deliver unique and custom made music and sound design for all of their projects, no matter the budget or schedule. With the 48h turnaround time guarantee we are able to help even if the schedule is tight. With pricing our clients can choose from two options:

1) They can choose to define their own budget for their project with our “Pay per track” option and we will find the right talent to match that budget.

2) They can subscribe to our monthly or yearly Audiodraft Blanket pricing which covers all of their productions. With the Audiodraft Blanket option you don’t have to worry about the budgets of individual projects anymore and you can get quality custom made sound for all of your campaigns.

What is the deal for sellers?

The composers and sound designers get compensated with fixed advance payments and also with royalties if they are part of our publishing arm, Audiodraft Publishing. In both cases the content creator can name their own price point and they get invited to productions accordingly.

How does the music discovery process work on Audiodraft? Specifically, how does music get presented to buyers and how do they go through the decision process?

We have gone through 25,000+ tracks with our audio producers so we really know what kind of audio they can create. That’s why have 98% success rate on our matchmaking. Even though we have a lot of data to support our discovery we do believe there is still a need for human factor in a creative process such as producing music. That’s why we have hundreds of Co-Producers shortlisting and handpicking the tracks to make sure they match our clients’ needs.

Are there any other services like curation of music/pre-selecting music for music supervisors?

We like to think ourselves as the music supervisor for all the agencies and production companies. We can definitely help our clients efficiently source from the great variety of talent we have to offer. Our platform offers significant help also for the music supervisors to manage all of their current productions while keeping the talent pool fresh.

For more about Audiodraft, visit them on the web at http://audiodraft.com