Inaugural podcast, February 7, 2016.

In this podcast, DEVO founder Gerald V. Casale discusses how David Bowie discovered and mentored the band, Music Supervisor Nora Felder (Ray Donovan) joins us to discuss her career and how to work with music projects, Lawyer Wallace Collins discusses the art of the Sync Deal and Grey’s EVP, Director of Music Josh Rabinowitz discusses music, messaging and his mission as head of the Cannes Lions Music Jury.

Below are additional details of this podcast (you’ll want to check them out, they’re really helpful):

Total runtime:  2 hours, 28 minutes
Featured Interviews:
1:26 – 46:14 – Interview with DEVO’s Gerald V. Casale 
46:51 – 1:30:14 – Interview with Ray Donovan Music Supervisor Nora Felder
1:30:54 – 1:44:42 – Interview with entertainment lawyer Wallace Collins, Esq.
1:45:33 – 2:27:03 – Interview with trombonistGrey Advertising EVP, Director of Music and Cannes Lions Music Jury President Josh Rabinowitz.
Also on the podcast is info about the podcast, the guests and featured music from the Sync Exchange repped band A.L.B.E.R.T.

Links to some of the things that people on today’s podcast talked about: