As a famous comedian from New York City once said, “80% of success is showing up.” And I would venture, the other 20% of success is what you do once you arrive.

Making the effort to “show up” where you can connect to, talk to and make deals with the people who can put your music into a commercial, a TV show, an ad, an app, a film or video game is the difference between success and failure in the world of music licensing and composition.

I cannot overemphasize this point – the one difference you can make to your career is to go out to the places where the decision makers are, then meet them so you can connect your music and your company to their work.

And, there’s no better place to connect with top decision makers and companies than Sync Matters,  the event we do every September at the Ritz Carlton in Singapore as part of the the All That Matters conference next month –  from September 7-12 2018.

Now, why do I say this event is one of the most important events for you to attend if you want to get your music used in media and ads?  

Because Asia is the market where the future of media is being forged – and if you attend All That Matters, you’ll be in that elite group that is forging the future of global media.

Think about this: Asia represents 60% of the world’s population, half the global economy and the highest levels of population and economic growth on the planet.

No matter the size of your business, if you are in the business of music, entertainment, at a brand, ad agency, in sports or technology, Asia is the future and you need an Asian market strategy, and that means you need to get the right information, connect with the right people, and access the right networks to grow your business in Asia.

And where is that information?  Those people? The networks? In Singapore this September at All That Matters. And you need to join them  Here’s why.

Over 1,500 will attend and speak at All That Matters from across the Asia, Europe, North America and beyond across every major facet of entertainment, sports, technology, branding, sponsorship and media.

And here’s just a sample of the kinds of people and companies that you’ll meet:

  • Professional Services (Consulting, Finance, Insurance, Legal)
  • Marketing (Advertising, Agencies, Digital, Social Media, PR, Research)
  • Technology (cloud Services, Hardware, Software, Telcos)
  • Gaming (Publishers, Platforms, Production, Leagues)
  • Artists & Academy Participants
  • Music (A&R, Artists, Copyright Labels, Licensing, Management, Promoters, Publishers, Streaming, Touring)
  • Sports (Broadcasters, Federations & Associations, Government & Education, License Holders, Sponsorship)

All That Matters is the only event that truly connects you to the top people from every major market in the region – India, SE Asia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and across the planet.

Here’s a small sample of the people from all over the world that are joining us in Singapore you’ll meet if you attend:


  • Danny Lee – Head of Talent and Partnerships, YG Entertainment USA
  • Andrew Jenkins – President, Australia and Asia Pacific Regions – Universal Music Publishing
  • Denis Ladegaillerie – CEO – Believe Distribution Services
  • Kaskade – Artist
  • Marcie Allen – President – Mac Presents
  • Anand Roy – Head of Live Music and Entertainment, Disney
  • Paul Smith – Global Head of International Licensing – Spotify
  • Joshua Rabinowitz, EVP/Director of Music, Grey/Townhouse/WPP


  • Italo Zanzi – EVP and MD (sports) Fox Networks Group
  • Willem Dinger – Global Sponsorship Director – Unilever 
  • Aneesh Madani – Head of Sports, Asia Pacific, Twitter
  • Joyee Biswas– Head of Sports Partnerships, APAC – Facebook


  • Ernest Cu, President and CEO, Globe Telecom
  • Gautam Anand, MD, You Tube APAC
  • Hosi Simon, CEO, Vice Asia Pacific
  • Kay Madati, VP, Global Head of C ointment Partnerships, Twitter 
  • Alex Smith, Area Lead, Cloud, Microsoft
  • Joey Tan, head of Global Strategic Initiatives, Alibaba

But there’s way more to All That Matters than a bunch of bold-faced names holding court on stage (as cool as that is). There’s are opportunities to meet speakers, network with attendees and sponsors, as well as hear amazing music all day and night at showcases taking place all over Singapore.

Click here to check out the full program

And then there’s sync… and that’s where we come in.


Specific to the worlds of music, messaging, brands and media – sync, composition and beyond – we at SyncSummit have been privileged to partner with All That Matters for the past four years to organize an event-within-the-event called Sync Matters that focuses on the opportunities to connect Asian music to global projects and to connect music from the rest of the world to Asian projects in TV, film, games, mobile, the Internet, in advertising and as part of branded campaigns.

And some amazing people are going to join us for keynotes, roundtable and networking sessions, including:

A keynote on the business of music, brands and media with:

  • Joshua Rabinowitz, EVP/Director of Music, Grey/Townhouse/WPP  

A keynote on what makes Kpop a global phenomenon with  YG Entrainment :

  • Danny Lee – Head of Talent and Partnerships, YG Entertainment USA

A panel covering the challenges and opportunities in licensing music for and from the Asian market with:

  • Lauren Rose Kocher, Business Development, Sony Music Japan
  • June Zhan, Atb International, APAC (Taiwan)
  • Charlie Hyun Woo Cho, Head of YG Plus, Singapore 
  • Mandar Thakur, COO, Times of India Music 

Focus on: Music and the Disney brand in Asia with:

  • Anand Roy – Head of Live Music and Entertainment, Disney
  • Andrew Jenkins – President, Australia and Asia Pacific Regions – Universal Music Publishing

A panel on Sync Tech and Ai with incredibly innovative companies like:

  • Kirt Debique, CEO/CTO, SyncFloor
  • Dr Joe Lyske, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder, MXX Music
  • Rohan Adakar, Chief Development Officer, Systems Ai Pty, Ltd.
  • Chang Choon Fah, Front End UX Developer, Musiio

And a panel that covers how music is connected to creative projects with:

  • Joshua Rabinowitz, EVP/Director of Music, Townhouse/Grey Advertising/WPP
  • Angel Lee, Country Manager – APAC, Big Sync Music
  • Jess Ossington, General manager, APAC, AudioNetwork
  • Laura Nakhla, Music Supervisor, Warner Music Asia

The goal of Sync Matters is to give people who attend access to the people, the intelligence and the networks necessary to do business in the Asian music+media market.

And I give you my personal promise we will connect you to the people you want to meet.

Truly, it’s one of the most worthwhile events you can attend and I hope you’ll join us.

If you want to join us at All That Matters and Sync Matters in September, we’re offering our friends in the extended SyncSummit family an exclusive discount$500 off get a full VIP pass to the entire All That Matters conference for $799 versus the standard $1299 rate.

Just click here to sign up for a VIP pass, and enter the code SYNCATM18 when prompted to take advantage of your exclusive discount.

And, if you want to get some visibility for your company, or have any questions about the event, just email me at and I’ll be happy to help.

I really hope we see you at All That Matters in Singapore – it’s an event that’s definitely worth the trip!

Mark Frieser
Sync Matters