BPEACE is reliable, charismatic and punctual. He’s made a living busking in NYC’s Central Park and Subway Stations, earning him an interview and jingle on New York’s WFUV Radio Station. Later, he performed at resorts and chateau’s around Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire, while his debut record, 2009’s The Peace, was heard on NPR and garnered a 3/5 star review on All Music Guide (Dave Matthews Band’s Crash received 3.5/5). Additionally, he’s shared the stage with Phish drummer Jon Fishman and has performed upwards of 2,000 shows in his storied and adventurous career.

Now in San Diego, BPEACE has performed at AVANT Restaurant at Rancho Bernardo Inn, the Loma Club, the Marriott Marquis, the Hyatt Regency and much, much more. He’s currently recording his 2nd full length album in Point Loma.

BPEACE plays a Taylor guitar and uses a vocal harmony pedal which provides a rich layer of harmony to the vocals. With his Boomerang Phase 3 Looping Pedal, BPEACE is able to stack multiple musical layers (guitar, bass, percussion, dj scratching, lead guitar), thus creating the sound of an exciting, adventurous and thoroughly sincere one-man-band. Most recently, at a Golf Resort in Rancho Santa Fe, one patron described the sound to his wife as ‘Southern Rock.’ To be sure, the BPEACE show has soul, roots, americana, tact and a bit of folk to keep the ambience relaxed and exciting all at once.







https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LR6tjvKL3A – Free Fallin LIVE

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygQlSr70UhA – Valerie – LIVE

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdCIXpzgFNM – Hallelujah – LIVE

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2S6-TXVtzA – Stop This Train – LIVE


 “Classic and heartfelt. Wonderfully organic. Love it!” – Derek Sivers, Founder, CD Baby
“[BPEACE] and his colleagues are well-worth keeping an eye on.” – Alex Henderson, All Music Guide (http://www.allmusic.com/album/release/the-peace-mr0001949695)
“Think Jack Johnson and Jay-Z sitting down to lunch at Jason Mraz’ house… [BPEACE] blends a lifetime of musical influences into an intriguing musical stew.” – Wildy’s World

“Thank you Mother Earth for taking all the musical genres I dig and rolling them up into one dope ass musician.”- David Wurtzel, Founder/Executive Director, The First Twenty, Philadelphia, PA

“One of the most authentic and talented musicians I’ve ever met; BPEACE‘s energy and positivity are truly captivating.”- John Ambrose, Vice President, National Museum of Hip Hop, South Bronx, NYC

“If Gil Scott-Heron was Richie Havens but still kept his Heron-ness, you would have what BPEACE is.”- Midwest Record

“In the end, BPEACE does seem to conquer all.”- Skope Magazine

“Ben Harper meets Jack Johnson, with a dose of Dylan and a heavy shot of Red Bull tossed in to keep the Folk Hip-Hoppin’.” – George Nostrand, Local Spin