From Ithaca, NY…

Songwriter, guitarist, painter, fiddler, slide player, eco-village member and believer in all things possible. Named 2016 Folk Alliance International Artist-in- Residence and signed to I Book Shows along with David Francey and Irish Mythen. His songs are being made into films.

He’ll surprise you and awaken the cynics.   He’s plumbing for lyrical gold like a social archeologist.  His songs are universal, his rhythm infectious and in concert, he is funny as hell one moment and transcendent the next.


Come to a show. Mystical, historical, and humorous roads. Lyrical cinematography.  Short 4:00 films. Visual, artful and human. Brooklyn in July, Oklahoma towns, rattlesnake tails, turbary thieves, Galway heather, meter maids and drunk roosters. At the end of the night, you’ll leave inspired.


“The Long Note”is a phrase in Irish culture. “The Long Note” is that place of resonance and transcendence where the music, the voices, the instruments, and the community ALL come together and unite.

Whether he’s picking his 48 Gibson, weaving through lap slide songs or looping his fiddle, he will draw you in.  It happens every time.  Watch a YouTube video. It’s good, but it’s not the same. You gotta come to a show.  With unwavering courage to be himself, he is literate, poignant and funny as hell.

He lives in Ithaca NY, and tours regularly in the US, Ireland and Canada.  

WORKSHOPS/RETREATS:    Aside from performing, Joe loves teaching and facilitating. Getting creative and inspiring groups. Making murals with students, teaching fiddle tunes and leading stringbands.  Setting up Art shows. Film screenings and community conversations. Working with school groups. Deepening the interaction and community involvement.   For select dates he is available for songwriting workshops in conjunction with a public concert.  He is an experienced facilitator, and has been invited to teach at many retreats including SummerSongs, The Swannanoa Gathering in North Carolina, at the Goderich Celtic College in Goderich Ontario, the Cuckoo’s Nest in London Ontario and the Yearly Quaker Gathering in Rhode Island.

“Joe has that rare, genuine ability to communicate with, instruct, and entertain all ages.  From toddlers to octogenarians, he turned on and tuned in everyone he came in contact with!  The feedback during his three days here at the Fayetteville Public Library was overwhelmingly positive.  As the headline artist of our 2014 Summer Reading Program Joe delivered top shelf instruction in the songwriting workshops, and he grabbed us all by the heart on stage during his final night’s performance.  And he’s such a cool guy!  What a treat.  We were honored to have him, and are figuring out how we can bring him back next year!”
~ David Johnson-Director- Fayetteville Arkansas Library

Links to video:

“Creating Beauty in a Broken World”
“I’m Singing Now”
“Georgia I’m Here”