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The Music Business Registry has published contact directories for the Music Industry since 1992 – that’s all we do to make sure you have the best contact information available for the people you need to reach in the Music Industry.

Below are the different directories we publish as well as some other publications that we know are of value to Music Industry Professionals and Musicians alike.

  • A&R Registry
  • Film & Television Music Guide-14th Edition
  • Music Publisher Registry
  • Music Attorney, Legal and Business Affairs Guide
  • The Indie Bible, 13th Edition
  • Contracts for the Music industry, Deluxe Edition
  • Multiple Rights Deals
  • Celebrity
  • Private Copying
  • Competition
  • User-Generated Content
  • Guide to Releasing Independent Records Part 2, Audio CD’s
  • The Indie Guidebook to Music Supervision for films, by Sharal Churchill

For More Information or to order:

US & Canada: +1 800 522 7411

International: +1 818 781 1974

Or go to http://musicregistry.com

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The Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP)

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The Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) was formed in 1977 by a group of Los Angeles music publishers, and has local chapters in Los Angeles, New York and Nashville. The organization’s primary focus is to educate and inform music publishers about the most current industry trends and practices by providing a forum for the discussion of the issues and problems confronting the music publishing industry.

The AIMP provides a unique medium for those in the music industry to discuss with their colleagues various points of view from the cutting edge of the ever-changing music business. The opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with others on issues of mutual concern is fostered by the informal atmosphere of the AIMP’s monthly meetings, forums, and workshops.

The AIMP includes in its membership not only independent music publishers, but those publishers that are affiliated with record labels or motion picture and television production companies. In addition, individuals from other areas of the entertainment community, such as motion picture, television, multimedia and home video producers, the record industry, music licensing and supervision, songwriters, artist managers and members of the legal and accounting professions are active in the AIMP.

Join the AIMP to:

  • Expand your knowledge and perspective, and keep abreast of the latest and most important trends through program discussions with experts from all facets of the music industry.
  • Develop new professional relationships.
  • Keep up with new technologies and legislative issues.
  • Vote and participate in the direction and growth of a dynamic organization.
  • Interact with your colleagues in a conducive environment.

For more visit http://aimp.org

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Music2Deal is the social network for the music industry. Connect with artists, managers, agents, publishers, music supervisors, producers, and more, around the world. Artists are getting heard and industry professionals are finding new talent. It’s time to get connected, locally and internationally! Join now and receive a Platinum Membership at no charge. Take chances, discover opportunities, accelerate your career, go international.



“After years of searching for the right manager, I finally found him, thanks to Music2Deal!” – Bob Dee, singer/songwriter, guitarist (former RCA recording artist for Beg Borrow & Steel)

“…it’s a great way to pick up contacts from all sides of the music industry…” – David Pemberton, EMI Music Publishing, UK

“There is no other site that offers immediate contacts for my musical needs.” – Andrew James Liles, musician

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The Brazilian Association of Independent Artists


ABMI (The Brazilian Independent Music Association) is the largest association of record companies in Brazil with over 100 labels as members.

ABMI is The Brazilian Independent Music Association, a non-profit organization founded in 2002 by a colition of independent phonographic producers with the mission to coordinate, develop and grow the Brazilian music industry. As the Brazilian music market has grown in impotantce, so too has the organization’s role.  As such, ABMI has become the largest Brazilian association of record companies, with a membership of 106 companies, producers, artists and rights holders managing music rights through independent music companies, labels and publishers.

ABMI’s member includes labels such as Biscoito Fino, MCD, Yb, Discobertas, MZA, Atração, Albatroz, CCC Records, CID, Dabliu, Eldorado, Lab 344, Lua  Music, Movieplay, Palavra Cantada, Rob Digital, Velas, Luar Music, Caco Music, Delira Musica, Coqueiro Verde and Sala de Som, among many others.

Its members comprise a vast catalogue that covers a wide variety of musical styles, representing the largest share of current production in the Brazilian music market.

Together with its membership, ABMI works to move the Brazilian music industry forward, contributing to its development, growth and management and launching and development of new artists. This includes some of the most important Brazilian artists and producers as associates like Roberto Menescal, Olivia Hime, Chico Cesar, Marco Mazzolla, Wilson Souto Jr., Benjamin Taubkin, among many others.

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France Rocks/The French Music Export Office

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France Rocks / the French Music Export office has been assisting the French music industry to develop its artists internationally, in all musical genres. It offers a wide range of services in collaboration with professionals of the export industry including consulting services, strategic marketing assistance, event creation and coordination, and many resources and services for French Artists and record labels. In addition to consulting, prospecting and development assistance missions in five strategic market territories around the world.

Cultural Services of the French Embassy


The Cultural Services of the French Embassy promotes the best in French arts, literature, and education to cultural and academic institutions across the United States.

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Music SupervisonCentral/Sonic Scoop


MusicSupervisionCentral.com is a constantly updated synch licensing resource for music supervisors and artists. It is also the Website for the industry-leading book, “Music Supervision: The Complete Guide to Selecting Music for Movies, TV, Games and New Media” (Omnibus Press). Click here to visit.
Sonic Scoop

Visit SonicSearch™ – the new online directory of studios and audio professionals from SonicScoop, searchable by specific criteria such as services and technical features, credits and gear.

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Sync Summit gives your company access to key industry decision makers, partners and investors in an environment that is tailored to networking and dealmaking with people that want to know what how your business can help them to expand and grow theirs.

Sponsorship opportunities at Sync Summit aren’t cookie-cutter. They’re designed based on you and your company’s specific needs and goals — with you and by people who, like you, are in the real world of business building brands, doing deals and managing products. Sync Summit sponsors receive personalized, customized branding and marketing opportunities that are tailored to give you maximum benefit from your participation and support of this exclusive and highly targeted event.

Sync Summit Sponsorship Opportunities Provide Your Company:

A daily updated list of attendees and arrangement of meetings on your behalf. Company listing in agenda and onsite materials and mention as sponsor throughout event. A full list of attendees with contact details.
Complimentary invitations to event for you and guests. Exhibit space during entire day of show. A dedicated email to attendees and Syncexchange list promoting your company.
Company information and logo on all online and offline materials. Entry into Sync Awards nominations. Mention in Sync Awards Press Release
Feature story and dedicated emails to the 10K+ Syncexchange blog list. Speaking spot on panel or breakout session (at discretion of sponsor/Sync Summit). Listing on the Syncexchange blog as a sponsor.

To learn more about the benefits of a Sync Summit sponsorship:

call us at +1 646 301 0277

email us at sponsor@syncsummit.com

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