SyncFloor helps people find music via natural language search, and substantially simplifies music acquisition for advertising, TV, film, and brand marketing – also known as sync licensing. We are building a large scale, efficient, low-latency marketplace for buying and selling sync licenses of high quality commercial music. On the sell side, our customers are catalog owners and aggregators of commercial music, e.g., labels, publishers, and distributors. In addition to placement in the marketplace, our service can be used by seller in-house music supervisors to quickly find tracks for customer search requests or briefs. To complement our search, we also deliver visually stunning, browsable “” points of presence for every catalog partner. Combined, it’s about unique, fun, and productive music discovery so buyers get the most out of seller catalogs. Onboarding a catalog is as simple as exporting a list of track identifiers (ISRCs) to us, and we use that list for rich metadata ingestion of the catalog into our indexes. Take a look at or for some great catalog examples.

On the buy side, our customers are music supervisors, supervision agencies, creative agencies, producers, and video production companies of all kinds. We process search requests from our buyers and drive new qualified sync opportunities to catalog owners. When a SyncFloor buyer is ready to find music, they drop a search into our service to immediately find content and share results with their client. Just say what you want, and SyncFloor translates your natural language request into highly relevant, actionable music search results.

To see SyncFloor in action, check out our video demo reel here. And one more thing, if you’re an artist on SyncFloor, then you’re a VIP to us. Check out and to see what we mean. Together let’s drive sync opportunities to your body of work.