Connecting you and your music to key decision-makers

SyncSummit’s online events connect you directly to the top music supervisors managing projects in TV, film, ads, video games, trailers, at brands, for apps and the Internet.

Our Webinars, Listening Sessions and video archives connect you directly top decision makers, giving you invaluable access to and insight from the connections, the people and the resources you need to succeed in the getting music into media projects.

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Music Listening Sessions: 

Sync Music Listening Sessions are a great new way for you to get your music heard and get essential feedback from top music supervisors in TV, film, video games, ads, trailers, brands, apps and the internet.  Here’s how it works.

  1.  Every week, we hold a two-hour online listening session with a top music supervisor that’s strictly limited to twenty registrants. We do this to make sure all participants get heard, get to interact and get their music evaluated.
  2. Every participant will submit a song for evaluation to us for listening during the session by the guest music supervisor.
  3. Every participant will get a video archive of the session, and all Listening Session playlists will be posted on the SyncSummit website and promoted to our 40,000 person mailing list.

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QA Webinars

Sync Summit QA Webinars are an entirely new series of interactive conversations between you and the world’s top music supervisors and executives in TV, Film, advertising, brands, video games, mobile and the Internet that use music in their campaigns and projects.

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Video Archives

We’re making all the archives of our webinars – insights and information from top music supervisors – available for a limited time at the single price of $25.

You can learn more and register by clicking this link.