Via Songtradr

Richard Rock – Let’s Take a Ride

The Gift – Love Without Violins (Lian Calvo Seranno)

 Electric Blue Waves – Bad Man (Ted Burdmy)

 Fish Narc – Gia’s World (Disk Eyes/Carla Morrow)

 Eric Eggleston – The Top of the Hill

Human Error – Fred Ditomasso

Via Dropbox

Monte Mader – Lie To Me

Sad Robot – Hold On (Peter Kimmel)

Ondine Darcyl – Adrift 

Brit Frisco – The Hold You Have (Diona Devincenzi)

Swirl – The Lift (Brian)

Michael Vignola – Give and Take

Cheryl Marie Myers – Alien Meets Vamp

Sonora Sideshow – The Most Dangerous Ones (Laura Murray)

Sonora Sideshow – Noir (Rachel Dwyer)

Heaven – It’s Not Enough (Megan Louise Doyle) 

Heartland – (Kelly Plante) Jenna Wren

Oshro – Soul Bending (Roy Osherove)