Marmoset is a full-service music agency, meticulously curating a roster of rare, vintage and emerging artists, bands and record labels for music licensing. Marmoset also boasts an award-winning Original Music Production Team, working directly with indie artists and bands to craft original scores and soundtracks for nearly any creative need imaginable.

Sparked in 2010 by a conversation between two friends at a cozy coffee shop in Portland, Oregon, Marmoset has since grown into an innovative global music agency, with core capabilities in Music Supervision and Music Licensing, Original Music Production, Sound Design, Film Scoring, and Music Clearances. We also provide Music Education and Learning Events for Artists, Musicians and the community in which we thrive.

Marmoset is made of real people, living real lives, making a real living crafting music and sound. We’re talking about hard working, blue collar artists, crafting music with their hands and hearts. While some of these are full-time musicians, many arephotographers and filmmakers, too. Writers and artisans.Fathers and mothers. Family and friends.

We hold firmly to a few core principles: We are advocates for the artists we partner with, working to restore value and respect for music and its creators amidst a deteriorating global landscape that threatens its existence. We don’t believe there’s anything “stock” about music crafted with hands and hearts.And we believe doing great work and defending creative integrity always trumps the bottom line. There is a rising tide and we are all floating up together.


When artists craft music with their hearts and hands, there’s a magic that occurs — and it resonates with other makers and doers with shared values, dreams and intentions. We are the curators and collaborators. We are the conduit in between. And at our best, we are the soundtrack to a much bigger story.