Check out the music from our Supervisor Listening Sessions (Sponsored by Songtradr)

Even if you don’t have a chance to join us at a Supervisor Listening Session, you can still hear all the great music from each session.

After every session, we post all the music that we listen to for you to check out – there’s some real gems here and we hope you like what you hear. Just scroll down the page for the list and links.

Check back every week as we will post the music from each session every Tuesday afternoon. And if you want more info on any artist or their song, just email

Music from the April 7, 2018 Listening Session with Nora Felder:

Music Posted on Songtradr

Angela Sheik – Bring It On

Angela Sheik – Drive Until I find the Sun

Antriksh Bali – Bananas

Antriksh Bali – Morning Practice

Music Posted on Dropbox

Andrew Kaiser – Birthright

Andrew Kaiser – Makin’ Waves

Craig Raymo – Moment Acoustic

Craig Raymo – Take it Slow (gotta say hey)

Ed Grenda/Les Sampou – Bump in the night

Ed Grenda/Loes Sampou – The Kill

Fire Tiger – Energy

Fire Tiger – Be Bygones

FM Cossey – Buckle Up, Baby

FM Cossey – Don’t You Forget

Gail Vareilles/RIVVRS – Carry Me Home

Gail Vareilles/RIVVRS – Surrender

Jacob Golden – Horse

Jacob  Golden – Wild Faye

Jacquelyn Ryal – Silver and Gold

Jacquelyn Ryal – Trees

Lena Natalia – Love’s Steps

Lena Natalia – spiderweb

Neon Nomad – Superhighway

Neon Nomad – Rising

Meresha – Enter the Dreamland

Meresha – My Love has Come

Monte Mader – Little More Love

Monte Mader – Rebel Child

Ori Dagan – Nathaniel – a tribute to Nat King Cole

Pendose – Make You Love Me (VAVANI)

Talese Haddock – Consequences (VAVANI)

Richard Belgard – Eyes Like Diamonds

Richard Belgard – Shine

Music from the April 14, 2018 Listening Session with Chris Mollere:

Via Songtradr

Angela Sheik – The Hazards of Being Young and Beautiful (Performed by The Recess)

Angela Sheik – Heart Blazing (Performed by Angela Sheik)

Angela Sheik – When the Sky Tips Upside Down (Performed by Angela Sheik)

Megan Louise Doyle – Given Signs (Performed by Tess Roby) 

Jared Jones – Come Get Me (Performed by Jared Jones)

Kasey Jones – Oh My Oh My (Performed by Art and Music)

Kasey Jones – Home (Without Vox) (Performed by Art and Music)

Ronda Reyes – Where is My Heart (Performed by Ronda Reyes)

Via Dropbox

Anna Aarons – What a Perfect Day (Performed by Anna Aarons)

Briget Boyle – Keep It Simple (Performed by Briget Boyle)

Comfort The Killer – I’m Down (Performed by Comfort The Killer)

The Dark I Dare – War (Performed by The Dark I Dare)

Dunn Logan – This Morning (Performed by Dunn Logan)

Ed Grenga and Les Sampou – The Never Tell (Performed by Ed Grenga/Les Sampou)

Gail Vareilles – Carry Me Home (Performed by Gail Vareilles)

Les Sampou and Andre Lund – Death Roulette (Performed by Andre Lund/Les Sampou)

Penrose – Make Me Want You (Performed by Penrose)

RIVVRS – Surrender (performed by RIVVRS)

Luke Potter – Low (Performed by Luke Potter)

Luke Potter – What if I (Performed by Luke Potter)

Robbie Hancock – Taken by Your Shine (Performed by Robbie Hancock)

Sonora Sideshow – A Place in Time (Performed by Sonora Sideshow)

Sonora Sideshow – Noir (Performed by Sonora Sideshow)

Tejas – Make it Happen (Performed by Tejas)