Sync Summit QA Webinars are an entirely new series of interactive conversations between you and the world’s top music supervisors and executives in TV, Film, advertising, brands, video games, mobile and the Internet that use music in their campaigns and projects.

You’ll be able to ask questions, get answers, detailed information and truly connect with some of the top people in the industry, share music links and go deep into the technical, creative and process issues crucial to successfully placing music in projects.

By taking part in a Sync QA Webinar, you’ll learn how you can best prepare, organize, present to and follow up with a music supervisor that connects music to projects in the right way, that places you at the front of the line as a possible “go-to” resource for music searches, and gets you the best possible results for your time and energy.

And when the SyncWebinar is done, you get a video of the entire conversation to refer to at your leisure.

Here’s an example of our Sync QA Webinar – our guest was Joshua Burke, Head of Global Music Sourcing for Coke:

1.  A conversation with Coca-Cola’s Head of Global Music Sourcing, Joshua Burke

We’ll be posting a schedule of upcoming Sync QA Webinars soon, with a registration cost of $30 per session – in the meantime, if you wish to view the video archive of all past SyncWebinars, you can purchase access for the cost of $25 by filling out the form below: