Sarah Webster, Music Supervisor, Saraswati Music Supervision

Bio and pic to come shortly.

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  1. Hello Mark & Sarah,
    Just listened to your webcast interview and I loved the content of a positive, inspiring, intelligent and pro-active entrepreneur. Congratulations to both of you for such an insightful interview from Sarah’s initial beginning to the self-made successful Music Supervisor you are today. What I liked most was the fact that you are transparent and a real human being that a person could really work with. I would love to meet with Sarah, through one of the conferences that are scheduled, and bring original music for consideration in future music projects. I am building a team of talented artists, in addition to composing, creating, recording and publishing original music, and I am looking to expand our reach to be considered in the acceptance of our collective music projects, which includes my own original music as well as other Canadian artists musical works. I would appreciate hearing back from you. My credits and background information is listed on our website, and I would like to know if it is possible to meet with Sarah Webster. when I schedule to attend one of the conferences this year. Cheers!

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