Music Supervisor Chris Mollere (Legacies, Roswell, Get Out, Antebellum) and Sync Summit have partnered to create a new service called Sync Support+ that’s been designed to provide you with a suite of tools and personal support for all aspects of your career in sync whether you’re an artist, sync agent, aspiring music supervisor, publisher, producer, brand, composer or anyone else working in the business of music for visual and interactive media.

This is an offering that’s unique to the industry – access to expert information, support and personal attention for your business.  Here’s what Sync Support+ includes:

  • Access to at least one live brief a month that you can submit your music to for a project.
  • A monthly cover challenge that’s geared to producing covers for particular projects in collaboration with mVibe, and they’ll rep the best covers from each challenge and present them to music supervisors.  
  • A monthly zoom chat for two hours (including guest speakers) where we’ll cover different elements in the sync business and answer your questions about your music, your business and how you can apply best practices to be successful in the sync business.
  • We listen to two of your songs per month and give you personal, detailed feedback in email. 
  • If you’re an annual subscriber, you get a free ticket to all sync summits
  • For annual subscribers, we listen to 5 extra tracks you choose for us to listen to and give you feedback via email. 
  • We give a look at one contract/agreement per month for you to submit to us for our feedback and thoughts and a non-legal business analysis.
  • An exclusive slack channel where Chris and I answer your questions.
  • Access to all past, present and future presentations on metadata, emails, etc.
  • Discounted 1-on-1 zoom sessions.
  • A networking service that provides you with a list of a host of different vetted, trusted service providers ranging from producers to mastering engineers to software solutions to lawyers to consultants that web see as trusted resources .  
  • Your own personal page on the Sync Summit website that highlights information on you, your company, links to your music that we will promote to music supervisors and projects. 
  • Access to template documents (i.e., sync agent agreement, etc.) on a deeply discounted per item basis.
  • Monthly send out of your music to our mailing list and to our social media. 

And with all of this, you’ll always get personal attention from me and Chris with any questions you have along the way.

Sync Summit will provide you with the entire suite of services for your sync business on an ongoing basis as long as you are a member.

If you want to sign up for Sync Support+, and we hope you do, you can sign up in one of two ways:

Sync Support+ Annual Signup: The cost for signing up is $1800 annually. This includes all benefits.

I hope you’ll decide to be a part of Sync Summit+  and I promise you that if you do, Chris and I will provide you will all the tools you need to succeed in sync.