Via Songtradr

Tamara Bubble – “Splurge”

Presented by Carla Marrow/Disk Eyes Entertainment Mikaela Kahn – “Lookin For Love”

Joe Crookston – Riding The Train (Dream Mix)

Electric Blue Waves – Goodbye Cruel World

Via Dropbox

Amy Jack – “Shake and Bake”

Presented by Perry Firoz/Epic Music LA – “Fire” by Oh1

Roy Osherove – “Waiting for You”

Ayline Artin – “Love Taboo”

Presented by Filmtrax – La Favi Ms Nina Tomasa del Real

Dunn Logan – Can Not Wait

Jordan Siwek – Can We Go Back

Presented by Vavani – Meg Pack – Comfort the Killer – Live Forever

Mike Brassell – Titan

Ondine Darycl – Central Park

Roy Osherove – Oshro – This is My Bass Line