The Steps To Success – A new, FREE webinar series from SyncSummit and RayBen Music Group

I want to share with you today some great news about an exciting new partnership we’ve forged with the ReyBen Music Group to help provide you with the practical tools you need for success in the music industry, “The Steps to Success”.
Our friends at ReyBen are a group of talented producers at the top of their craft working with music supervisors, artists and businesses to create great music.  
Working with us, they will co-host a series of online consultations, webinars and live events online and at their state-of-the-art studio.  
And, starting today, we’re partnering with the music professionals of ReyBen Music Group to deliver to you a series of webinars, posts and podcasts designed to give you the insights, information and access you need to create and deliver the best possible music for sync, scoring and fans.
The Steps to Success connects you to the experienced engineers, writers, players and producers of the ReyBen Group who will work with you personally through online consultation, webinars, live events and in-studio recording with the goal of giving you the tools you need to succeed and prosper in the business of music.
This includes: 
  • Remote training and consulting

  • Production

  • Mixing

  • Engineering

  • Mastering

  • How to set up your home studio

  • When and why you should join ReyBen in their state of the art production studio.

We’re kicking this all off with a series of 100% free, one-hour webinars on March 18, 22nd and 24th where you can present music, ask questions, interact and get the info you need to succeed.
To sign up, just click one of the links below:

Sunday, March 18, 3PM Eastern/Noon Pacific

Thursday, March 22nd, 7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific

Saturday, March 24th, Noon Eastern/9AM Pacific

I really hope you’ll join us for these incredible, free seminars that are sure to connect you to the people and the resources you need to succeed.