As technology expands the channels of distribution for music, reaching more and more people around the world through a growing number of platforms, the demand for original content is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Beyond that, music royalties are generating remarkable amounts of income for songwriters, artists and producers.

But, today’s competitive space for creating and marketing music requires capital. Whether it’s covering the costs of recording an album, producing a video, or funding other expenses creatives face while trying to fulfill their creative ambitions. It requires smart financial decisions and the right resources to make it all happen without taking unnecessary and potentially dangerous financial risks.

Recognizing this market paradigm shift, Alex Heiche launched Sound Royalties, merging his passion for music with his professional expertise in specialty finance to create an entertainment services company dedicated to helping artists, songwriters and producers fund their dreams. With customized terms for each individual, Sound Royalties provides creatives with advances against their existing and future royalty streams so that they can cut a new record, build a new studio, or cover the costs of a tour – all things that will drive sales, downloads, and streams to generate more royalty income.

What separates Sound Royalties from the typical industry financial institutions, and has earned the trust of the creative community, are three guiding principles under which the company operates:

1) Never buy or own a creative’s copyrights

2) Allow for pass-through royalty income vs 100% recoupment

3) Offer customized pricing options tailored to each creative’s unique portfolio

The net effect of this approach is that songwriters, artists and producers have the comfort and confidence of knowing they will not lose ownership of their copyrights, something that happens all too often in the music industry. Unfortunately, there have always been willing lenders ready to take advantage of artists in need of cash who put up their royalty streams as collateral, only to lose their copyrights forever. Sound Royalties is committed to protecting the best interest of creatives, helping them pursue their careers without putting their music at risk.

Sound Royalties offers a hassle-free approach and an understanding of the fluctuating nature of royalty income. Since terms and risk are based solely on royalty income (those who earn at least $3,000 annually) and not the individual, there is no extended credit check or loan application process, and deals are strictly confidential. The company can also find unpaid royalties, including digital and international royalty income, and can restructure existing unrecouped advances with other entities that may have royalties locked down, reopening that income stream.

Superstars like Lil Wayne and Pitbull have aligned with Sound Royalties to keep their creative machines humming. Pop/Latin hitmaker and GRAMMY nominee Brenda K. Starr and fellow GRAMMY nominee Ben Tankard, the “Godfather of Gospel/Jazz,” are also collaborators, along with hip-hop producer/performer D. Lynch, up-and-coming rap talent Mesa, and countless other songwriters, artists and producers.

The value of copyright royalties are growing, and trusted, expert counsel is more important than ever, as Taylor Swift and Katy Perry would surely attest. Sound Royalties is proud to serve the best interests of creatives first and foremost, helping them bring their inspiration, originality and creativity to life.

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